27 Jan

working paper

E’ uscito il working paper 20/2014

Making access to credit more democratic:

tools and practices between social innovation and old inequalities

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23 Jan

call for paper

EU-SPRI Early Career Researcher Conferences (ECC) IRCRES Rome, Italy

14-15-16 October 2015



call for paper (abstracts submission 1 April 2015)

Extended abstract (400-600 words) and a CV are required for selection. Selected participants will be asked to send a full paper (5000-7000 words).

It will be possible to submit a Poster proposal for very preliminary studies, works in progress, or early-stage research projects for which consolidated results are not yet available.

More information and Call

21 Jan

Festival della Scienza

La tredicesima edizione del Festival si terrà a Genova dal 22 ottobre al 1 novembre 2015 e avrà come parola chiave l’Equilibrio.


Call for proposals 2015

Come ogni anno, il Festival della Scienza raccoglie tramite call proposte di eventi (mostre, laboratori, conferenze, eventi speciali, spettacoli) che potranno andare a comporre il programma definitivo della manifestazione. La partecipazione al bando è gratuita e aperta a tutti.

Per maggiori informazioni, clicca qui.

Per consultare le modalità di partecipazione, clicca qui.

Per accedere al bando e inviare una proposta clicca qui.


19 Jan

call for paper



International Workshop on

Computational Economics and Econometrics

The Complexity of Economics and the Economics of Complexity

Rome, May 28-29, 2015

National Research Council of Italy

Modern economies are complex systems which require sophisticated techniques to be studied, understood and regulated. IWcee15 aims to raise a rigorous scientific debate on the many interconnections between economic complexity and the tools offered by modern complexity science. Papers on the following topics are highly welcome:

Complexity theory and organizations, Out-of-equilibrium dynamics, Network analysis and Bayesian networks, Simulation and agent-based modelling, Robustness and sensitivity analysis, Risk analysis, Econophysics, Nonlinear and chaotic economic systems, Game-theory models, Structural econometric and causal models of complex systems, Time series analysis and forecasting techniques, Complexity and Big Data, Policy analysis in complex socio-economic systems, Computational modelling in economics and sociology, Software development and implementation


If you have any query or curiosity, please, contact : giovanni.cerulli@ircres.cnr.it.



Extended abstract: April 1, 2015

Notification to authors: April 15, 2015

Paper (or presentation): May 15, 2015

Workshop: May 28-29, 2015