25 Jul

ScienceDirect, two articles by Giovanni Cerulli

Giovanni Cerulli has recently made significant contribution with the publication of two articles on ScienceDirect. The first article, titled Towards Data-Driven Project Design: Providing Optimal Treatment Rules for Development Projects, is co-authored by Alessandra Garbero and Grayson Sakos. In this work, the researchers delve into data-driven project design methodologies, offering novel insights into the optimal treatment rules for development projects.

The second article, entitled The Nexus Between Agricultural Land Use, Urbanization, and Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Novel Implications from Different Stages of Income Levels, is co-authored by Cosimo Magazzino, Umer Shahzad, and Salahuddin Khan.

This second research explores the intricate relationship between agricultural land use, urbanization, and greenhouse gas emissions across different income levels.