27 Oct

Ersa workshop

ERSA was the leading organization of the session on
“Counterfactual Methods for Regional and Urban Policy Evaluation”
The presentations gave concrete examples of regional policies which have been evaluated with the counterfactual approach: cohesion funds, inclusion policies for migrants, traffic regulation for environmental control.

Interested in Counterfactual Impact Evaluation?
Download here the Session programme and presentations

Photo: from left: Leila Kebir, Nina Drange, Lionel Védrine, Elena Ragazzi, André Torre, Guido Pellegrini

25 Oct


D. Eric Boyd
James Madison University

terrà un seminiario dal titolo:

Branded apps and their Impact on market value:
a design perspective

27 Ottobre 2017, ore 11:00

Sala conferenze – Piano terra Via dei Taurini, 19 – Roma