22 Feb

AISRe Conference – call for papers on policy evaluations

Elena Ragazzi and Lisa Sella invite you to submit an abstract to the organized sessions on policy evaluations for the AISRe conference. The deadline is February 27th,   2022. It will be English speaking sessions. Theme:
Impact evaluation: policies and projects for the society and the local communities (SO 27) Elena Ragazzi and Lisa Sella

To have information on the conference: https://www.aisre.it/notizie/notizie-in-evidenza/xliii-conferenza-scientifica-annuale-2022/
To access the complete list of organized sessions: https://www.aisre.it/elenco-sessioni-organizzate/
To submit a paper: https://www.aisre.it/proponi-un-contributo/