31 Aug

CNR-IRCrES at CHER Conference 2023

With two insightful contributions, CNR-IRCrES is joining the CHER 2023 Conference “Higher Education Institutions as Change Agents in Society: Perspectives on Adaptation and Impact” which is taking place in Vienna ( 30 August – 1 September). The Director Emanuela Reale illustrated “Government R&D funding for Academic Research: are there incentives for Climate change solutions?”(E. Reale, A.O. Spinello).
Lucio Morettini presented “Scientific production and publication practices: Italian academics behaviour after the introduction on national scientific qualification system (ASN)” (L. Morettini, S. Fabrizio,  E. Reale, U. Finardi).

CHER (Consortium of Higher Education Researchers) was founded during a first conference on November, 24-26, 1988 in Kassel (Germany) where some 50 scholars from 17 countries met to discuss the current state and future avenues in the field of higher education research. Currently, CHER counts some 160 members from more than 30 countries, from whom almost a quarter are from outside Europe.

Website: https://cher2023.org/
Programme: https://cher2023.org/program/