15 Mar

Call for papers Rivista Scienze Regionali

Eleonora Pierucci, (Università degli Studi Roma Tre e associata CNR-IRCrES), segnala la call for papers per una Special Issue della Rivista Scienze Regionali (Italian Journal of Regional Science, Il Mulino), qui i dettagli:

Title: Regions in the European Economic Policy: Towards a More Resilient Europe.
Guest Editors: Eleonora Pierucci (Roma Tre University) and Davide Vurchio (University of Bari)
Motivation and aim: The European Union has been facing crucial challenges in several respects for several years and its economy is undergoing unprecedented transformations in a context of massive uncertainties. After the COVID-19 pandemic, since the spring 2021, the European economies are rebounding despite the impact of inflation that is downsizing the positive economic outlooks. In such context, EU is promoting a wide range of policy responses to accelerate the process of economic recovery and resilience of European regions. One of the main instruments put in place in the recent period is the NextGeneration EU (NGEU) which supports the economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic through investments aiming at building a greener, more digital and more resilient future.
Digital transformation as well as economic and territorial resilience enhancements are some of the changes that will require a major transformation of sectors and regions. In the NGEU agenda, most of the funds are targeting the Recovery and Resilience Facility which calls for a rapid acceleration in productivity – mostly targeting energy efficiency goals – and innovation. Resilience, productivity and innovation represent a trio of assets on which future policies are being built on since EU policies (in particular Horizon Europe work programmes under the NGEU) are supporting researchers and innovators to pursue breakthrough solution for environmental, energy, digital and geopolitical challenges preparatory for boosting resilience and strengthen European regional economies.
The present issue is intended to contribute to the debate on EU economic policy with a focus on the challenges that regions are facing in their attempt to improve their resilience under the light of the NGEU pillars. It will host theoretical as well as empirical contributions that address issues related to regional resilience, digital and green transformation, firm efficiency and innovation. Empirical studies, ex-post/ex ante policy evaluations and case studies both at regional and micro level of analysis are welcome. 
Focus of the special issue and themes : This special issue focus on paper that can contribute to the ongoing debate on policy objectives within the EU reform and investment agenda. Topics may include (but are not limited to) theoretical and empirical contributions on:  European economic policy | Regional resilience | Digital transition | Green transition | Firm innovation | Firm productivity

Per maggiori info contattare Elenora Pierucci: eleonora.pierucci@uniroma3.it