19 Jan

Webinar – Cyber risk management: insights from the insurance domain

First seminar of the 2023 series “Evaluation of safety and security policy” on “Cyber risk management: insights from the insurance domain” is scheduled for Thursday January 26, h. 13:00-14:30, on zoom platform. The seminar is organized by GSSI and CNR-IRCrES.

This seminar series, continuing the tradition started in 2022, will present some research studies on the evaluation of safety and security policies. The risks addressed by these policies appear to be very far from each other, nevertheless they share some common features and issues than represent a common ground for researchers. For this reason, the seminars will open the discussion over the boundaries of the community of field specialists, with the goal of building a common wisdom as economists. We will explore new concepts and methods to afford the huge challenges that socio-economic analysis and impact evaluation face when addressing safety and security.

Leaflet: https://blog.ircres.cnr.it/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/Leaflet-seminars-safety-and-security-2023.pdf
more info: elena.ragazzi@ircres.cnr.it