08 Sep

2021 AISRe web conference – Special session

Elena Ragazzi and Lisa Sella organized a special session entitled “Analysis and evaluation of safety and security policies: cross-sectoral insights“. It was hosted at the 2021 AISRe web conference “Le sfide dei territori nell’era post-covid”. Safety and security policies address a long list of risks that  appear to be very far from each other. They are very specialised topics in which the number of scholars is limited. In fact, the different nature of the risks and of the technologies aiming at their reduction impose a deep and differentiated knowledge of the specific context.

Nevertheless these policies share some common features and issues. Since the methodological challenges to deal with this kind of policies are huge, this special session was organized to ease the cross-sectoral methodological dissemination. This common ground will build upon the comparison among recent studies in the field of the reduction of different types of risks for the society and the economy.

Session: September, 9 4pm – 6pm
Conference site:  https://www.aisre.it/aisre-web-conference-2021-programma-online/ 
For more details, please consult – after the conference – IRCrES page: http://www.ircres.cnr.it/index.php/en/?option=com_content&view=article&layout=edit&id=338